Heart Rate Chest Belt

Chest Belt (Transmitter)

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When you purchase a heart rate monitor, it usually comes with a heart rate chest belt. To find out how to wear it on properly, please follow the steps below

1) Secure one side of the elastic strap on to heart rate transmitter

2) Apply some water on the back of the strap, the side with conductive rubber should face you. Moisting the strap allows stronger heart rate signal and better detection

3) The transmitter, hard plastic cover part, is aligned in the middle of your chest or close to the heart. Remove your shirt and secure the elastic strap around your chest. Move around see if it falls or slides from your body. Both the transmitter and the strap should be in direct contact with your skin

4) Keep the heart rate watch within a distance (for G.PULSE, within 60cm). A heart symbol will flash when pulse signal is detected. Heart rate is then displayed in few seconds