Heart Rate Monitor
HRM-M10 G.PULSE 29 Function Heart rate monitor


G.PULSE 29 Function Heart rate monitor w/30 LAP,3 color LED/SOUND alarm

LED Zone indicator on the watch!
Comes with this design, users can know the training strength immediately!
Defination for 3 colors LED:
□ RED: "Slow down" - the heart rate is over the target zone
□ GREEN: "Great job" - you're in Zone
□ Yellow: "Harder" - just one step to the goal!
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Stopwatch -1/100 second - 9:59:59(Hour/Minute/Second)
Time of day (12/24 hour)
Alarm clock (3 sets)
Key sound (ON/OFF)
EL backlight
Weak battery detection
Auto power saving
EX-factory 50 meters water resistant (Watch)
EX-factory water resistant (Transmitter)

Current heart rate
Maximum heart rate
Average heart rate
Current heart rate intensity %
Target zone countdown timer
Calorie consumption (kcal)
30 LAPs
Auto scan

Automatic training programs
- Fat burning program
- Cardiovascular strength building program
Freely programmable target zone & exercise time
3 kinds of target zone indicator/ heart rate alarm
-3 colors LED (Red, Green, Yellow)
-Audible alarm
-Display ▲▼

Exercise records (2 sets)
- Exercise date
- Duration
- Time in target zone
- Time above target zone ▲
- Time under target zone ▼
- Maximum heart rate record
- Average heart rate record
- Calories consumption (kcal)
- FAT burning %
- Number of laps
- Time per lap
- Time in target zone per lap
- Maximum heart rate per lap
- Average heart rate per lap
- Calories consumption per lap (kcal)
- FAT burning % per lap
□□□Personal Data□□□
Weight (KG/LB)
Height (CM/Inch)
Adjustable maximum heart rate limit
Safety/Quality Approvals