Heart Rate Monitor
20 Function Heart Rate Monitor


Heart Rate Monitor (20 Function watch set)

20 Function Heart Rate Monitor can be made according to customers' request.
Please feel free to contact us if you are searching for Heart Rate Monitor.

20 Function Heart Rate Monitor equipped with Fabric Heart Rate Transmitter (ACS-HR04-MF) and carry bag package.
This latest version of our Fabric chest belt has come up with both excellent frequency transmission and comfort in stylish streamlined casing. Believing this unique product will be a good point when you're choosing the partnership of HRM!
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  • Ex-factory 30 meters water resistant-watch

  • Ex-factory 30 meters water resistant-transmitter

  • Weak battery detection

  • 3V battery changeable

  • Auto power saving

  • Specification

    • Two automatic training programs per age input:

    •   - Fat burning program
        - Build cardiovascular strength program
    • Freely programmable target zone & exercise time

    • Three different audible alarms

    • Two different visual alarms

    • Current heart rate intensity%

    • Efficiency percentage of preset exercise time

    • Preset exercise time countdown

    • Current heart rate display 35~250 beats per minute

    • Maximum heart rate recorded 35~250 beats per minute

    • Average heart rate in 6 optional periods <10~60 minutes >

    • Total time over High Limit of target zone

    • Total time over Low Limit of target zone

    • Stopwatch 9: 59: 59

    • Unique transmission LED indicator

    • 12 / 24 hour clock

    • Target Zone indicator

    • Target Zone re-settable and re-checkable

    • Current cardiovascular strength level

    • Time bar in seconds.

    • Safety Approval: ISO 9001:2008, CE, RoHS